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Quad Aces Busted By Royal Flush

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The 2008 WSOP main event, the biggest poker tournament on the circuit, had one hand that you’ll be lucky to see again in your lifetime. You could play at Pinnacle Sports Poker for decades, and still only have a slim chance of witnessing something like the following exciting outcome. At a table that included Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano, two players played a poker hand that you would only expect to see in the movies. Justin Philips and Motoyki Mabuchi ended up getting all their chips in the middle when both of them were sure they had the best hand.


Philips was dealt K-J of diamonds while Mabuchi was dealt pocket aces. A flop of Ah-9c-Qd came off, and a couple of smaller bets were made and called. The turn card was the 10d, giving Philips the open-ended straight flush draw. Mabuchi bet out his trip aces and was again called by Philips. Then the miracle Ad hit the river, giving Philips the royal flush and Mabuchi quad aces. Both players took their time to act, trying not to give away the huge monster hand they were both holding.

Mabuchi led out with a big bet, and after Philips raised him back, Mabuchi paused for a few seconds and then threw in his chips, saying, “I gamble” in a heavy Japanese accent. He was trying to make it look like he was making a loose bet, hoping to induce a call from Philips.

Needless to say Philips called, and quickly showed his royal flush for the win. The hand sent Mabuchi packing for the tournament. He must have been the first player to ever get knocked out of the WSOP while holding quad aces.

The chances of that hand occurring are one in 2.7 billion, so you might want to see it. Don’t wait for a similar hand to happen in your home game; you might be waiting for the rest of your life.

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