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Poker – Player Profile: Keven “stamdogg” Stammen

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One of online poker’s most consistent tournament players over the last couple of years is Keven “Stamdogg” Stammen of Coldwater, Ohio. In 2008 he had over 300 tournament cashes, and he’s earned over a half million dollars in winnings. Stammen is currently ranked No. 9 on the pocketfive.com online poker rankings, mainly due to some major cashes he’s had since November. Despite being an online veteran, Stammen is only 23 years old. He plays with wisdom and patience, and continues to improve his game as he balances online and live poker tournament play. Poker has become his profession, now that he’s been able to leave his old construction job behind.


Stammen has had a good run in the fall and winter of 2008. His notable recent cashes include a fourth-place finish in the FTOPS Event #9 on November 9 2008 for a payday of $84,577, a fifth-place finish in the $215 Sunday Million on November 2 2008 for $55,635, and a sixth-place finish in the same event on November 23 2008 for another $39.550.

Just last month “Stammdog” cashed for another $43,920 when he finished third in the 1K Monday event on December 22 2008. He’s also had a dozen cashes of more than $10,000 since the summer months, including a $33,541 cash in the $109 re-buy event and a $58,7000 cash in the $530 NL hold’em event on PokerStars last July.

Stammen has tried to duplicate his online success in the bigger live tournaments but thus far has not been able to break into the ranks of the elite live tournament players. He has a dozen live tournament cashes, but only one of them is over $20,000. He cashed four times at the 2008 WSOP, but those cashes totalled just over $50,000. Stammen stated in an interview that he would be playing $100,000 worth of buy-ins at the 2008 WSOP, so it looks like he’s still losing money on the live game circuit.

This rising star plays in most poker rooms under the name “Stamdogg”, and also goes by the name “Stamdizzle” on occasion. So if you run into either of those usernames in a tournament at Pinnacle Sports Poker, forewarned is forearmed.

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