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Phil Ivey and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies flip for $384K

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If you want an idea of how big some online poker players’ bankrolls are, check out this hand. Two of online poker’s highest rollers, Phil Ivey and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, had just finished playing a lengthy session which had Ziigmund down over $200K. With a little over $191K in front of him, Ziigmund asked Ivey if he wanted to flip a hand.


Ivey asked him how much he wanted to bet, and the two decided they would flip their cards over for the $191K Ziigmund had in front of him. Ivey was sitting with over $600K in front of him, including $200K he had just won from Ziigmund.

Both are known to be fearless gamblers, so it’s not that extreme that they would flip a hand for big dollars. But this amount is a bit crazy for any player. It would be nice to have a Pinnacle Sports Poker bankroll that big, but it might be tough to find someone who’s willing to bet it all on one hand. It only happened because Ziigmund was down so much in the session already. He was obviously tilting a bit, and wanted to get back what he had lost to Ivey on the day. The two were playing pot-limit Omaha head to head.

So the pot was a staggering $383,993 before the two ever saw their hand. Once they were dealt their cards they just kept re-raising each other pre-flop until Ziigmund was all-in. The two hands were flipped over and Ivey had 6c-4h-10s-Jh, while Ziigmund held 7d-2c-Qh-4d.

At this point the hands were pretty even, with Ivey holding a slight edge over Ziigmund with a 53% chance to win the hand. The flop cards were good for both players: Qc-7h-Ah. Ziigmund had two pair, while Ivey flopped a flush draw. Ivey lost his edge in the hand at that point, but he still had a 45% chance to win.

The turn wasn’t so good for Ivey because he was dead in the hand after the Qs hit the board. The river card, the 3c, was meaningless and Ziigmund took down the massive pot. After winning the hand Ziigmund promptly told Ivey he was going to bed and the game broke up. He must have slept a little better after winning that one.

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