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Patrick Antonius Loses Same Hand Four Times

January 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The 2009 Aussie Millions poker tournament was a big success again this year. It attracted the biggest names in the poker world, not only for the main event but also the $100,000 buy-in event and the million-dollar high-stakes cash game. The big cash game had some prominent names from the live and online poker world. During one game there was a hand that you won’t see very often. Two players played a dramatic $225,000 hand that would test the emotions of any player.


Patrik Antonius and online high-stakes cash-game player Andrew “Good2cu” Robl played a hand of Pot Limit Omaha that just didn’t seem fair. It started when Antonius raised the pot to $3,500 pre-flop on the button, and Robl re-raised to $12,000 from the big blind. Antonius called, and the flop was Ad7s4d.

Robl bet out $16,000 and then Antonius raised the pot $72,000. Robl then moved all-in for $103,000, which Antonius called. Since it was a cash game, the two players decided to run it out four times.

They turned over their hands and Antonius was holding 9h8d6d5d while Robl had AsQsQdJc. Even though Robl had the lead at that time, Antonius was a 68.45% favorite to win the hand. Despite only having 31.55% to win, Robl picked the right time to get all his chips in the middle of the table because the deck was certainly on his side.

The first run of turn and river cards was Kh, 2h giving Robl one fourth of the pot. He knew he wouldn’t lose any money when the second run was Jd, Ac giving him at least half the pot. The third run was 10h, Ks and Robl had won three times in a row for three-quarters of the $225,000 pot. Then everyone was surprised when the fourth run was 3s, 10s giving him the entire pot and the double through.

The cash games at Pinnacle Sports Poker don’t let you play a hand out four times, but you may not want that option when something like that happens to you. At least Patrik Antonius can afford the beats; he’s up over $2M in online cash games so far in 2009.

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