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Negreanu Sniffs Out a Set at the WSOP

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Daniel Negreanu is widely considered one of the best all-around tournament poker players in the world. He displayed his uncanny ability at putting opponents on hands at the World Series of Poker. In a situation where most of us would have lost a ton of chips, Negreanu was able to get off a big hand with ease.The hand started with Adam Jones limping in with the 7-2 of hearts. Negreanu was next to act, and made it 2,200 chips in to go with pocket nines. The raise apparently wasn’t enough to scare off Peter Antill, who called the raise with pocket fours.


It seems that David Stucke felt he was priced in with his K-10 off-suit, and also called the raise in the big blind. For some reason, Jones also called the raise with his 7-2 of hearts. So four of them saw a flop of 2-4-6, and Jones came out betting 2,600 chips with his pair of deuces. Negreanu then raised it 10,300 more, and after a minute or two, Antill called with his set. That cleared the other two players out of the hand and Antill and Negreanu looked at an eight on the turn.

Negreanu was already sensing something from Antill, and checked his over pair. Antill then checked as well, and the two players saw another eight come on the river. Negreanu wasn’t taking the bait, and once again he checked the action to Antill. As soon as Antill said, “I’ll make it 15,000”, Negreanu said right back to him, “I make it 15,000 with pocket sixes or sevens, which is it?” The pot was over 48,000, and the bet wasn’t that big, but Negreanu eventually said, “I’m gonna fold second-best hand”, and mucked his over pair.

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