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Montgomery Suffers Brutal Beat

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The final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker had lots of entertaining hands. We saw some hero calls and some bold moves at the poker tournament, but no hand could compare to the crushing beat that Scott Montgomery suffered to get eliminated in fifth place. He had just suffered a big loss for a good portion of his chips, but it looked like he was going to get right back into contention until the unspeakable happened.


Holding A-3 of diamonds, Montgomery pushed his remaining stack of 6.3 million. After a bit of thought, Peter Eastgate made the call with pocket sixes. After the hole cards were turned over, it looked like Montgomery would be going home. But a flop of A-4-Q gave him a commanding lead in the hand. After the turn brought another ace, Eastgate was down to two outs – or so it appeared.

At this point in the hand, Dennis Phillips decided he would tell everyone that he had mucked a six earlier pre-flop. Pocket cams showed that he indeed did muck one of the sixes, so Eastgate was down to one out, and a 2% chance of winning the hand. No one believed he had a chance, but the poker gods had other things in mind on this day.

Unbelievably, the river brought the final six, knocking out Scott Montgomery in fifth place. The crowd let out a huge gasp when the card hit the board; nobody could believe Montgomery’s bad run of luck. He still earned over $3 million, so it’s hard to feel bad for the guy. He also has one of the best all-time WSOP final table bad beat stories to tell for the rest of his life.

So now you know that bad beats like this don’t just happen at Pinnacle Sports Poker. Every game has crazy beats, even live games with hundreds of cameras on hand. Don’t feel so bad the next time you get your chips in with a big lead, only to suffer a crushing defeat. Nothing is for sure until the hand is over, or your opponent is drawing dead.

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