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David Benyamine Bluffs Jamie Gold

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On the television show High Stakes poker, the players often have some type of prop bet in play to juice up the action a bit. One of the most common props is the old 7-2 bet. All the players agree that anyone who wins a hand with 7-2 will collect some money from everyone at the table. During this period David Benyamine decided he would try to take down a pot while holding the worst hold’em hand.


With blinds of $1500, three players – Jamie Gold, Antonio Esfandiari and Guy Laliberte – called the action, leaving David Benyamine to act last. Benyamine made it $21,200 to go with a 7-2 off-suit after sensing that the table was weak. The only call he got was from Jamie Gold, who was holding K-10 off-suit. They saw a flop of 6d-8h-3h and Benyamine came out betting an amount of $38,000. Gold reluctantly called, most likely to try and steal the pot on the later streets.

With the pot up to $122,000, they saw the jack of spades come on the turn. Somehow Benyamine had the courage to make another bet of $80,000. Gold immediately folded the hand to Benyamine, who flipped over his 7-2 to show the bluff. Gold was surprised at Benyamine’s cards, and immediately gave Benyamine praise for the incredibly bold move.

This type of play is common enough in a poker tournament setting. But Benyamine made that move in a cash game, with over $100,000 of his own money on the line. They weren’t tournament chips, and that’s a lot of cash to put out there on a bluff like that. But it’s not like Benyamine can’t afford it; he plays in the biggest games online as well as High Stakes poker and games in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio.

Not only did he make the move with the 7-2 off-suit, he did it at a table that had Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson, Erick Seidel, Sammy Farha, Patrick Antonius and Antonio Esphandiari. The move was breathtakingly bold. But it’s that very unlikelihood that a player would make a big raise in a situation like that one, against those players. That, in a sense, made it a good move because everyone gave him credit for a big hand.

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