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Antonius Makes Lucrative Call With K-7

January 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Patrick Antonius has been on a crazy run in online poker during the last few days. He’s been winning huge pots and showing well over a million dollars in profit this week.Gus Hansen and Tom “durrrr” Dwan have been battling with Antonius in $500/$1000 NL hold’em and $500/$1000 pot-limit Omaha cash poker tournaments, and the three have been moving hundreds of thousands of dollars back and forth between them all week. You may not be ready to play these limits on Pinnacle Sports Poker, but these guys play for those stakes every day.


Antonius played one hand that made a big difference in the profits he was able to pull down. The three players were sitting in a $500/$1000 hold’em game when Antonius was dealt K-7 of hearts. Hansen had $78K in front of him, Antonius had $280K, and “durrrr” had $428K. “durrrr” posted the small blind and Hansen posted the $1000 big blind. Antonius raised the action to $3,500 on the button and “durrrr” re-raised it up to $11,500 from his bad position, all pre-flop.

That was enough to get Hansen out of the hand. “durrrr” and Antonius had been going pretty hard at each other, and Hansen knew that the hand was likely going to get very expensive in a hurry. Antonius called the raise and the two saw a flop of Qh-5c-Kc with a $24,000 pot in front of them. “durrrr” came out betting $17,200 from his weak position and Antonius quickly called.

The turn card was the 6s, and “durrrr” went for the bold move of check-raising Antonius’ bet of $39,000 to $156,500 after first checking to him. Antonius made the big call with his top pair/weak kicker, and the two saw a river card of 5h.

That card paired the board, but missed the flush draw. “durrrr” had only one option at that point; to make a final bet at the pot and hope that Antonius was on a draw. “durrrr” bet the rest of his stack, which easily covered the remainder of what Antonius had in front of him.

Antonius ended up making the call for his remaining $95K, and two showed their hands. “durrrr” showed the 9-8 of clubs for a busted flush/straight draw, making Antonius’ king good enough to take down the $562,719 pot.

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