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3D Poker: World of the Future

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Online poker is in constant evolution towards providing a playing experience that closely resembles a live game. Software creators understand that the more realistic their programs are, the more popular their games will be. The newest developments in online poker are three-dimensional programs that are more like video games than poker software. These games are reportedly, “Like Grand Theft Auto but with chip shuffling”, according to Bluff Magazine.


These new 3-D poker sites look to incorporate physical tells into play by providing a number of actions to choose from that your avatar character can perform. This adds – at least to a degree – the physical aspect back into the game. A player can add more of these expressions as they earn frequent player points, giving experienced players the ability to intimidate others with movements and chip tricks they’ve never seen an opponent display before. You can customize your avatar character, and change it up if you like. There are even chip tricks you can show off to the players at your table.

This technology has only recently been functional up to a level that can compete with the speed of two-dimensional software. Most poker sites like Pinnacle Sports Poker and other major online providers in the poker space have graphics that are two-dimensional, and play is fast. Having to wait for images to load up is no advancement in play. But today’s 3-D sites have real-time action, and play just as many hands as traditional sites. 3-D sites also represent the fastest growing poker sites, especially with younger players.

There are still lots of limitations until the 3-D sites experience further growth and development. Choice of action is limited, and poker tournaments are not as big as in the leading poker rooms like Pinnacle Sports Poker. It seems conceivable that all poker sites will eventually convert to a 3-D setup.

The bigger rooms will soon offer the option of 3-D play, and players will decide if they want 3-D poker more than the old online game. Many poker aficionados will still prefer the anonymity (and advantages therein) of the faceless online game, and may never want to play a game that takes that away.

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